Steve’s Dome in Thailand — Take Two — 5 Comments

  1. There are other ways to build domes as well. You could use pozzolans for example. /but even if you use cement you can get super strong domes that use about one third as much cement as a conventional building of the same size.

  2. That bathroom (and the photo) is certainly magazine quality. I wonder what magazine this house will get published in.

  3. I’m sure Owen will attest that I have been one to challenge him on a topic from time to time. I’m not bashful about challenging his statements if I disagree.

    On this topic, Owen is 100% correct. Owen’s post was done in a fair manner.

    The only legitimate area for even small criticism in this case might be whether or not Owen’s post sufficiently drew enough attention to the “naturalness” of the structure, but in my humble opinion, arguing shades of grey in degree of emphasis is a very weak argument.

    Don’t like Steve’s structure? Fine. It’s easy to criticize someone else while you are sitting in a generic fossil fueled heated/cooled manufactured house with a gas burner or two sitting in the garage.

    Get up off your butts, and go out and build something better. SHOW everyone how YOU are so much smarter and better at building. Are you willing to let others criticize your work?

    I cannot and will not try to speak for Owen, but I’d wager that Owen would welcome your efforts if you do try to build something. He might even feature your work on a blog post. That way everyone can pick your life apart too.

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