Our Barrel Oven on TV

“A film crew from New York City came out and spent two full days with us taking footage that was eventually edited into this episode. Here you can see the wood-fired barrel oven in action and learn more about how it is made and how it works. We were especially happy that they picked up on the value of showing our gardens and the process of harvesting the food, preparing it, and then cooking it in the barrel oven.”

Quick facts covered in the video:
– DIY builder friendly design using low cost materials
– very little wood required once oven reaches operating temperature
– reaches 350 degrees within 15 minutes (cob ovens take about 2 hours and use a lot of wood)
– heat circulates through 2” airspace around barrel
– rapid heat transfer through the barrel, while cob covering stores excess heat

has complete details on making barrel ovens, including a web page on making barrel ovens and a barrel oven book. Ovens like this are extremely efficient and highly recommended.

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