Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America — 6 Comments

  1. Some interesting information. There is an abundance of information which hints to a previous civilisation who perished in a great flood etc. The comment in relation to gravity having an effect on size is also very plausible. A recent study was done with fish growing in two different electromagnetic fields, which concluded that this factor in a species environment contributes to the animals size and strength. One fish more than doubled the average size.

    The video seems to be private sadly, maybe ad i live in Ireland?

    Thanks for the website anyway!

    • Thanks for the reply. You can’t see the video? There are numerous other similar videos on YouTube. Search for giant humans, giant skulls, etc. It sounds really far out at first, but the evidence points to this being real.

  2. Born & raised in New England. They told me those were root cellars too. Some Indian blood on both sides of family.
    Had operations as a child removing 9 extra teeth behind regular ones. WTF?

  3. Thanks for posting this Owen. I have been researching the subject of giants and ancient civilizations for many years now, fascinating subjects. The truth can’t be hidden much longer….

    • The main subject was stone building. The giants were a bonus. Now I’m watching videos on YouTube about giants and am surprised to see how much information is available. Very fun. (Look for giant skulls and giant skeletons, etc.) This would help explain the massive stone monuments that were built thousands of years ago.

  4. Thanks for sharing this incredible video. I hesitate to agree with all of Jim Vieira’s conclusions. But this does remind me of an article by Ted Holden about dinosaur size & gravity. Here is link to article published in Anamolist Summer 1994:

    Per Ted, dinosaurs are impossible under current gravity conditions. Thus, he suggests that gravity, for whatever reason, was different way back when. If true, it would explain the abundance of gigantic historic species. If Jim is right, then apparently, humans could have been around long enough to evolve under those conditions too.

    I hesitate to make further conclusions but the evidence that Jim brings seems compelling.

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