Compressed Earth Block Wall Build

Yet another way to build with CEBs. This looks like one of the most efficient.

“Adam De Jong of Dwell Earth traveled to South Africa to train locals techniques in the production of compressed earth blocks using the Dynabloc LM 714 machine. The locals were very excited to be able to learn new skills that will help them to support their families and create jobs within their communities.”

Dwell Earth’s channel

2 thoughts on “Compressed Earth Block Wall Build”

    • I’m fascinated with the wide variety of techniques. I’m particularly interested in Abe’s method:

      Abe emailed me and said he’s going to look into the source of the CEBs he bought. They use a mass production CEB machine that runs 24 hours a day to churn out low cost blocks. I’m really looking forward to his report. Some would knock using mortar because it adds to the cost and labor, which is true. But the end result looks like beautiful brick, and he said the extra labor is not significant.


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