Stonemaker Machine

“CEO Gary Troke shows us his amazing stonemaker machine. It is a mobile block, brick and wet cement making machine. It is capable of making any type of brick or block imaginable. It is also an amazing compressed earth block machine (CEB machine). It can use stone/rubble/dirt to make the product.”

The Stonemaker Machine can make concrete shingles now.

Even more products from the Stonemaker Machine.
Dream Home built with the Stonemaker Machine

2 thoughts on “Stonemaker Machine”

  1. Wow…… It has endless features and multiple uses…. But this looks like a hefty 6-digit cost machine. As per our experience the more features such machine has the more problems it is exposed to… and this one can do virtually tons of stuff…. Whoever can afford such machine may be well advised to get the mechanics included in the deal…..!


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