Straw Bale Shelter Video

The blog post the other day about Temporary Shelters made with straw bales was a big hit and so I located this old instructional video and got it uploaded to my YouTube channel. I’ve already received more positive comments than most any of my other videos. This video has an incredible story. It was almost lost. Matts Myhrman lost the master copy. I managed to find one of the last remaining copies in a library, and Kelly Hart volunteered to copy it onto CD (with Matts’ permission, of course). Here it is on YouTube six years later!

8 thoughts on “Straw Bale Shelter Video”

  1. I watched the youtube video,looked good. I guess my problem with every alternative home is getting permits and the hassles associated with them.I live in northern az and ive read that in some way straw bale homes are getting more excepted.


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