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  1. An earthbag privacy wall – you’ve set me thinking now. I have an old house, with a huge, poured concrete back deck with a very sharp curve in it. I had been considering building a privacy fence around it (the neighbors dog gets pretty annoying if he sees us on the deck) – but trying to run a wood fence around the curve would be pretty difficult. How durable (weather wise, as opposed to dui’s) would an earthbag wall be? Because of the height of the poured deck, we’re looking at something like eight feet high – would it stand up in the weather (East Tennessee) successfully?

    • No problem with moisture if you build it correctly. You can stabilize the fill soil with lime or cement to prevent moisture problems. The curve will add stability. You’ll want to add some buttresses for reinforcement. Build on a rubble trench and make sure water flows away from the wall. You don’t want water backing up against it like a dam. The wall should last many years with a good plaster job (lime or cement).

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