Roundhouse Details

Finishing details turn a house into a home. It’s what people really notice. If you want a really nice home, be sure to plan accordingly and give this some extra thought. Finishing work does require extra time and effort, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

For our roundhouse, we wanted things to look nice, of course, but we didn’t want to spend a fortune. Plus, I’m trying to demonstrate affordable building techniques. So, we used a few basic, low cost methods to class up the roundhouse: rounded window and door openings (free), nice colors (no extra cost), curved bathroom wall and buttress (no extra cost to create curves), exposed wood and thatch roof (dirt cheap), and lots of beautiful old windows for views, ventilation and to add a sense of spaciousness (no added cost because windows replace earthbags).

Recycled Hardwood Windows
Recycled Hardwood Windows

Curved Bathroom Wall
Curved Bathroom Wall

Be sure to visit my new Picasa earthbag photo album for more pics.

2 thoughts on “Roundhouse Details”

    • The bathroom wall, including the arch, was made with low-fired brick. This is the same material as terra cotta flower pots in brick form. Bricks are joined with cement mortar. I should do a post on this technique.

      And yes, the arch ties both sides together for added strength. There’s 1/4″ steel rod inside. Both sides of the wall are coated with cement plaster.


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