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  1. Regarding reviewing this blog readers will like the above
    because it’s real so it’s great finding a person that’s stating it for all to see to review

  2. Yay! I was wondering about my suggestion to place this as a second story on an earthbag round house. Would those boxes on the side cause a problem? Even on a earthbag foundation like the one you suggest for yurts, the boxes would have to be supported? Or do they come off if you want them too? Otherwise you’d have to support them seperately it seems. If they come off, you could move them to the first story.

    How would you connect it to the earthbags? It seems to come with anchors. Would a wooden bond beam be enough you think?

    Finally, my honey pointed out the need some mesh in the double roof, or the birds will get you :) I didn’t see any mesh but it might be there.

    Can’t wait to see the 1000 square foot version. I’d stack earthbags on the inside wall of that one. That way you only have to plaster one side.

    • Good point about stacking earthbags on the inside of the big version. That would give you a lifetime maintenance free wall finish on the exterior. And the mass would be on the inside to help stabilize indoor temps.

      And I like the idea of using these grain bins as a 2nd story. That eliminates lifting all that heavy soil high on the wall.

      The ballast boxes don’t have to be used. Just don’t attach them. They’re offered as a way to anchor the roundhouse in a place like Haiti. For 2nd story applications, you would bolt it to the bond beam. (Embed brackets in the concrete.)

      You could make a wooden bond beam and attach the grain bin on top. A concrete bond beam would be much stronger though.

      I believe they said the soffit vents are screened.

      • Thanks! I was thinking wood bond beam because I’ve been collecting pallets and other wood for free. And for one person, it would be easier. Not good in tornado land though.

        Keep up the awesome site. I check it everyday now. You need a forum for all your fans. I know those are probably a pain though.(not fans, forums heh)

        • Thanks. There are already 1-2 forums. They’re a lot of work and quite complicated. They don’t seem real popular and so it doesn’t seem worthwhile at this time.

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