Summary of Advantages

Why earthbag building is one of the best building methods.

Sometimes we delve into esoteric aspects of earthbag building. For those new to building with bags, here is a summary of advantages.

• Low cost (if you build simply and do most of the work yourself)
• Durable (rammed earth structures such as earthbag can last for centuries)
• Owner-builder friendly (easy to learn and few tools required)
• Environmentally friendly (uses primarily local, natural materials)
• Comfortable (cool in summer, warm in winter, quiet)
• Excellent insulation (when filled with an insulating material such as crushed volcanic rock)
• Excellent thermal mass (when filled with tamped soil or gravel and/or thick plaster on the interior)
• Strong (almost 10 times compressive strength as conventional stud-frame housing; test results in California exceeded ICBO requirements)
• Disaster resistant: floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, bullets
• Insect and rodent resistant, safe, mold-free and will not rot
• Proven technology (over a century of military use, plus many hundreds if not thousands of modern examples)
• Highly adaptable (ideal for curved organic-shaped walls, domes, roundhouses, small vaults, straight walls, underground or above grade, earth-bermed, privacy and retaining walls, furniture)

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