Superadobe Earth Dome workshop in Italy

Superadobe Earth Dome workshop in Italy.
Superadobe Earth Dome workshop in Italy.

23-29 August, Pontestura, Italy.

Vide Terra organizes a 7 days superadobe workshop during which we will build a 1.8m (6feet) internal diameter earth dome with a door and a window opening.

The course will be held in English and Italian.

The trainers will guide you in the construction of the dome and will share the practical and theoretical knowledge they gained during months of apprenticeship at the Cal-Earth Institute.

More info:
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Davide Frasca in 2011 got a master’s degree in sustainable architecture (Architecture, Energy and Sustainability) at the London Metropolitan University, UK.
In his master thesis he explored how earth architecture could be a solution for obtaining affordable and sustainable houses.

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