Superadobe Project Model

Clay model of proposed superadobe (earthbag) project
Clay model of proposed superadobe (earthbag) project

“While we started the work, I happened to do an internship. We have to do a room in a fenced area, and I had the idea of doing it with superadobe. We also made a saloncillo or room for people and a bathroom.

Anyway, I took the modeling clay, and I began to lay out a possible project. The box represents the walls of the enclosure. Everything is to scale excepting the diameter of the beams, which are sticks which was home recycled.”


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  1. Models help you think through the design. I just saw an adobe house that lacks windows. The whole master bedroom and back of the house had almost no windows, just a couple small, narrow openings high in the wall. Maybe there were trying to create privacy, not sure. But that end of the house was smelly and musty due to lack of ventilation. So models are highly recommended. Clay models and drawings are cheap.


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