DIY $200 Homemade Greenhouse

“Hello all! Here is my homemade greenhouse. Only took me about a day to construct once I gathered all materials.

Here is the link for my follow up video to show updates to this greenhouse!

To do this even cheaper, you could skip the wood on the ends, and just cover it in plastic or use pallets that you can many times get for free. You could also forgo the metal frames, and use 1″ PVC that would make it lighter and more mobile.

I hope to grow majority of my own food. It is healthier and cheaper. The food will have no pesticides or preservatives; organic. I can also eat it fresh, meaning the day its picked vs weeks or months old (supermarket). Fresh food has more life energy.

This is just another piece in the puzzle on the road to self sufficiency. Thanks for watching and please comment!”

Passive Solar Greenhouse video

7 thoughts on “DIY $200 Homemade Greenhouse”

  1. The person in the video mentions the Tufflite Infrared Poly Film. He said he paid $50 for this piece. I am only finding it online in larger quantities. Where can this Tufflite Film be found for a smaller quantity and less$$?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. I bought a $200 window for $5 at my local housing recycling center. Took it apart and built a solar still. Oh, and then I was able to pick a colored ball out of a bucket and get a discount so I wound up paying $2.50
    Sounds like a house of windows is on the way!

  3. Interesting. I would like to see a cheap greenhouse where they are not using plastic. The world is too full of plastic sheeting as it is. Can you use a clear polytarp? Is that reusable and how long would it last? Or maybe go to the dump and pick up old windows to make walls.

    • It’s fairly easy to find old windows, although that complicates the building process because you need a frame to support them (stud wall) and many times the windows are different sizes.


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