DIY $200 Homemade Greenhouse — 7 Comments

  1. The person in the video mentions the Tufflite Infrared Poly Film. He said he paid $50 for this piece. I am only finding it online in larger quantities. Where can this Tufflite Film be found for a smaller quantity and less$$?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. I bought a $200 window for $5 at my local housing recycling center. Took it apart and built a solar still. Oh, and then I was able to pick a colored ball out of a bucket and get a discount so I wound up paying $2.50
    Sounds like a house of windows is on the way!

  3. Interesting. I would like to see a cheap greenhouse where they are not using plastic. The world is too full of plastic sheeting as it is. Can you use a clear polytarp? Is that reusable and how long would it last? Or maybe go to the dump and pick up old windows to make walls.

    • It’s fairly easy to find old windows, although that complicates the building process because you need a frame to support them (stud wall) and many times the windows are different sizes.

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