Sustaining the Life of the Organic Farm

Antigua, Guatemala – Caoba Farms sustainable organic farming practices are highlighted in this, the full 5 minute version of the video, “Sustaining the Life of the Organic Farm.” Caoba Farms believes that Guatemala is a place where organic sustainable methods can be taught, practiced, and sustained country wide.

Caoba Farms uses sustainable natural processes and methods on their small local eco-friendly farms in Antigua, Guatemala. Caoba Farms on-site store sells their own farm grown fruits, herbs, vegetables, eggs, poultry and lamb. The community is important and Caoba also carries a wide variety of other local producers healthy food products such as yogurt, butter, nuts and nut butters, jellies, coconut water, coconut oils, coffee, moringa, fermented Kambucha teas and other superfoods.


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  1. What an amazing farm. Their soil is so much better than ours! Imagine if the world had farms like this spread out across the globe so everyone could afford fresh healthy food.


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