Woman Builds Unique Tiny House for Affordable City Living

After finishing grad school, Sam Gambling decided that a tiny house would be a perfect fit for her lifestyle. She wanted to remain in Vancouver, BC to be near work, family and friends; but the cost of living in the city was incredibly high. She also wanted to be able to work a not-for-profit job without worrying if she’d have enough money for rent each month. Last but not least, tiny houses were a housing solution that fit well with her environmental sustainability values.

Tiny houses are one of the few realistic options for finding affordable housing in high rent cities such as Vancouver where bedroom apartments start at around $2,000/month. Unfortunately, this young lady is unable to live in her home yet due to housing regulations in Vancouver. She and her friend have started a BC Tiny House Collective to help legalize and legitimize tiny houses in Canada because lots of other people are facing the same challenges.

This house is simple and still unfinished, but as usual there are lots of interesting details such as the composting toilet and the recycled cork floors.

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