Need Your Help to Stop Tiny Houses from being Illegal!

I’m reposting the following announcement from Tiny House Talk. This is serious folks. Proposed HUD regulations could shut down the tiny house movement. The video is from a different source. See link below. Input from Tiny House professionals is especially welcome.

“This is a quick announcement because we need your help to stop tiny houses from becoming illegal per the fed’s new HUD proposal regarding recreational vehicles.

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Tiny House Owner Brett Sutherland in NZ Faces Eviction

We featured Brett Sutherland’s outstanding tiny house in yesterday’s blog post. Now it seems his beautiful, handcrafted tiny home on a pristine beach near Auckland, New Zealand is in breach of building codes. The problem? The Auckland council claims the land exceeds the housing density limit. But there are 7 acres and obviously plenty of space for his tiny house, with nary a neighbor in sight. Ah, the Council mucks things up once again for those who try to live sustainably.

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