Need Your Help to Stop Tiny Houses from being Illegal! — 4 Comments

  1. As to this posting…our more lax building code county has stated that a self contained trailer, rv, tiny home, etc…last year was only for “part time use”. This was both good and bad for people in Apache County, Az. The Part-time statement made all travel trailers, non permanent dwellings and residencies. The good news is that is helped to completely bypass septic issues, utility permits etc. Just thought I should throw it out that hud still says that garages, sheds, portable buildings, etc attached to a permanent foundation are considered a “Home” or “Permanent Residence”.

  2. Does this mean living in an RV is illegal?

    This is a code status, not the legality of living in one.

    This could affect loans on tiny homes, but not much more. It won’t shut down the movement, ad likely won’t affect much.

    • It sounded very bad when I first read about it, and everyone else leaving comments were similarly concerned. Now according to Michael Janzen it’s probably not serious.

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