1 Million Greywater Systems for Brazil

In the North East of Brazil, millions of people battle to grow food around their houses due to toxic grey water from washing and sewage that runs outside. But now a newly designed biowater filtering system has the potential to change all of their lives. The dirty water passes through a filtering system. The filtered water is then clean enough to use to irrigate the land. This is the story of Ulisses dos Santos who has tested out the system for one year. Now he is not only eating better, but also making a profit.”

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Rainwater Harvesting

A reader’s question the other day reminded me that we haven’t posted much on rainwater harvesting. This is a very important topic that will likely become even more pressing in the future as groundwater sources dwindle and become polluted, are taken over by big corporations and as population increases. Rainwater harvesting includes roofwater capture and … Read more