Our Mesh Hoop House is Finished

We recently completed a mesh hoop house in our forest garden. Our climate is tropical, so we wanted a mesh fabric covering that blocks the intensity of the sun and allows plenty of ventilation. The hoop house will be used to grow vegetable starts for the garden, microgreens and tomatoes in large containers. The project … Read more

Texas Prepper’s Greenhouse

“I call this TexasPrepper’s Greenhouse, and you can build your own… easy!
You can build a low cost, PORTABLE greenhouse, or Chicken Tractor for less than $150…! Build your own greenhouse and save big! Watch my OTHER video on the step by step building of this greenhouse.”

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High Tunnel Greenhouse Construction

A polytunnel (hoop) greenhouse like this would be faster and easier to build than a dome. This particular polytunnel design is low cost, strong and easy to build. A greenhouse this size would provide more than enough fruit and vegetables for one family. Instead of bending galvanized pipe for the hoop sections, consider using gray plastic pipe or electrical conduit (polybutylene). I’m not sure how durable it is, but I have seen it used on hoop houses and it would be much easier to use.

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