Texas Prepper’s Greenhouse — 6 Comments

    • It’s really simple. But if you’ve never built anything before, show the video to a carpenter guy and they’ll know what to do.

  1. This is an awesome project and would love Ito purchase the PDFs if available . I want one to begin seed starts come Jan. For spring garden. TIA, Dianne

  2. These look like they’d be fun builds. I like the rigid support on the left and right of the door and the vent hardware is a better design versus just using a notched stick to prop it open. Some thought went into the greenhouse. I like that. I’d put those birds in a night though.

    • Fun, quick, low cost and easy. The end product would be very practical. You could grow a lot of food in these or use them to grow starts for your garden, raise chickens, etc.

  3. This greenhouse is on a trailer for delivery to a customer, but I like the concept of building greenhouses on trailers. You could easily take the greenhouse with you if you ever moved or had to leave in an emergency.

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