Small Kitchen Cooking Video Series

This is an overview of the general goals and what to expect in a new Tiny House Cooking series of videos. Ariel has quite a few interesting videos that show every aspect of living in a small house including storage, using a small wood stove, living in a cold climate, etc. In this case her kitchen is only 50 sq. ft. but as you’ll see it is very well designed and efficient.

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Lessons Learned In The Garden

“I love to spend time working the living earth. There is joy to be found in coaxing life from seeds and nourishing that life to bring beauty to our home and food to our table. When I was young my parents believed that boys who were busy working were also boys who would have little … Read more

Richard Heinberg: why end of growth can mean more happiness

“Richard Heinberg- whose latest book describes The End of Growth- isn’t looking for when the recession will end and we’ll get back to “normal”. He believes our decades-long era of growth was based on aberrant set of conditions- namely cheap oil, but also cheap minerals, cheap food, etc- and that looking ahead, we need to prepare for a “new normal”.

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