Integrated Bond Beam and Lintels

Most often lintels are built separately from bond beams. See Wood Pole Lintels as an example. But what if you want maximum strength for a multiple story earthbag structure (see Rainwater Towers Apartments) or if you have lots of window and door openings? Integrating the bond beam and lintels as shown in the drawing above … Read more

External Pinning

External pinning is a simple, inexpensive way to make stronger buildings. This method is widely used to reinforce strawbale and earthbag buildings. External pinning is not always necessary. Structures such as domes or small roundhouses made with soil-filled earthbags usually do not need external pins. This process is mostly used to stabilize long straight walls … Read more

One Stitch Corner Pinning Close-up Photo

This is a follow-up blog post to my previous post entitled Fastest Corner Pinning Method? I’ll keep it brief. I just wanted to provide a close-up photo of the final pinned corner. (Click to enlarge.) You can see how simple this method is. Just poke sharp galvanized wire (about 16 gauge) through the folded corner … Read more