Rustic Furniture

Now that you’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars (or more) by building your sustainable home using low cost natural and recycled materials, it’s time to furnish your home. The photos above are examples of free and low cost rustic furniture you could make with salvaged wood. Other items around the house such as trim, … Read more

Dan Phillips: Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff

In this funny and insightful talk from TEDxHouston, builder Dan Phillips tours us through a dozen homes he’s built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own creative drive. Phoenix

Easiest to Find Recycled Building Materials

You can blow through a lot of money in a hurry at building supply centers. For many, buying all new materials isn’t practical. Instead of buying new, you could help demolish a building, trade work, etc. Let’s start a list of the easiest to find recycled building materials. Suggestions are welcome. Lumber, doors, door hardware, … Read more