Natural Edge Wood and Tour of Mud and Wood House

“Colin Ritchie collects trees that have blown down in storms, gets them milled and turns them into beautifully sculptural furniture, from beds to kitchen units, leaving a natural edge on the wood. You can bring personality and nature into any home by using this technique.”

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Charming Rustic Tiny House in Argyle, NY (On an Organic Homestead)

This is my favorite tiny house so far from Relax “Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and “The Micromen”), tours a rustic, country cabin/tiny house located on a 5 acre organic homestead in beautiful Argyle, NY. This home, built and designed with the help of Victoria Cantwell, can be rented by the night through by searching for “Charming Rustic Cabin in Argyle”.

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Underhill – The Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House

“This week we visit Underhill, an incredible hobbit-home like, eco-cave house built into a hillside. The off-the-grid house is cleverly constructed to resemble a cave. With no electricity in the house, the stone, wood and rustic features truly make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.”

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Distressed Wood Finishes

Most people choose standard wood finishes for cabinets, furniture, doors, trim and other woodwork around the home. The most common finishes include wipe on oil finishes, paint, lacquer and varnish. These standard finishes work quite well, but sometimes it’s fun to explore artistic options to make something out of the ordinary. If you’re working with … Read more

Rustic Furniture

Now that you’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars (or more) by building your sustainable home using low cost natural and recycled materials, it’s time to furnish your home. The photos above are examples of free and low cost rustic furniture you could make with salvaged wood. Other items around the house such as trim, … Read more