Sawah Bali

Sawah Bali -- farming and economic development program in Bali
Sawah Bali — farming and economic development program in Bali

A group called Sawah Bali is boosting economic activity in rural areas, and protecting farmland and traditional lifestyles in Bali. Their economic stimulus program revolves around saving agriculture by promoting organic farming, permaculture and improved business practices.

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Eco-Village Sustainable Communities (summary of ‘A New We’)

“Now more than ever before people all over the planet are seeking new sustainable models for living. EcoVillages and ecological communities have been emerging as a viable alternative where people can live together in cooperation and harmony with the natural world. ‘A New We’ explores 10 such communities in Europe and opens doors to further exploration and discovery on the new ‘Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network’! Please join the conversation and participate in the ‘A New We’ initiative which aims towards evolving the EcoVillage model into the 21st century! “

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2015 Ashden International Award winners

SteamaCo – International Gold Award and Ashden Award for Business Innovation
“Lake Victoria’s fishing villages and other rural communities in Kenya are benefiting from clean light and power for the first time, thanks to renewable energy micro-grids. Using the natural energy of the sun, they work like mini power stations for each village, supplying enough energy to run small businesses, as well as power TVs, radios and bright lights in the home.

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