The Miracle Water Village

“As the world reels under the threat of unrelenting climate change, erratic monsoons and fast depleting groundwater reserves, The Miracle Water Village narrates the inspirational story of impoverished farming community in India that reversed its fortunes through its visionary model of water management.

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300% Increase in Agricultural Income on 8.6 Million Acres

Here’s some very good news. Learn how to turn degraded land into highly productive land.

“Large, decimated ecosystems can be restored. Bringing large areas back from environmental ruin is possible, and the results are key to stabilizing the earth’s climate, eradicating poverty and making sustainable agriculture a reality.

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Food Web

“We are working on a new project called Food Web. The Food Web is a holistic approach towards small scale food production. Basically, it’s a way to
increase efficiency and yields by integrating livestock. If you are going to raise animals on your homestead, you should design connections and
interactions between them to decrease feed inputs and labor.

We’re building a Food Web here in Northern Mexico as a working example and sort of an open classroom for the struggling farmers in our area. We are
documenting this project in a book, titled Food Web. It will provide instructions for people to be able to design and create their own Food Webs,
depending on their unique situations and circumstances.

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