Take Back Your Power – Official Trailer

There’s a growing body of credible evidence that documents the health risks, fire risks, loss of privacy and higher costs associated with smart meters. Please take some time and do your own research.

“Take Back Your Power is a historic community-funded film which exposes the technocratic “smart meter” agenda, by which corporations are currently attempting to quietly assert the basis for further control in the lives and homes of the world’s citizens. The film will also focus on specific solutions — which are presently available — for humanity to leapfrog outdated ideas of control, and co-create a better future.

Visit our website to learn how you can choose not to have a “smart meter”, subscribe, and support us in completing the film:”
Take Back Your Power.net

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7 thoughts on “Take Back Your Power – Official Trailer”

  1. I’ve always known that a “Smart Grid” was a way to bleed more money out of consumers’ pockets. That’s just obvious. No business is going to push for any program that doesn’t help them make more money. Basic economics. I don’t blame them for trying.

    Heck, I do the same thing in my business. In general, if I undertake a project, it’s because it will make me money. I don’t apologize for that. Of course, none of my customers are forced to use my services. They can choose to go to someone else anytime they please.

    The real question is why do each of us use so much power in the first place?

    Why do we hook up to any grid, smart or dumb?

    The smart consumer is flexible and capable of choosing where to acquire a product, and how much of it he/she chooses to purchase.

    If you want to take action and take back your power, do it directly in your own life, in your own home. GoInG nUtZ over the politics is a waste of time, and will only cost you MORE money.

    Want to take REAL action that will actually make a difference?

    Donating to a politician, or a political campaign won’t help.
    Marching in the street with a big sign is a waste of time.

    If you really want to make an impact, here are a few truly REVOLUTIONARY actions that will have a drastic impact.

    1. Turn off and UNPLUG every electrical device you have that is not in use. Most devices today tend to draw power, even when turned off. Stupid isn’t it? Unplug them, or use a power strip to kill all power to them. I read once (too lazy to look up where) that the average home in the U.S. spends over $50/month on phantom power. That’s power consumed by devices that are not in use. Take that money back. Unplug stuff.

    2. Seal air leaks in your house. Saves money year round, and doesn’t require any lifestyle change.

    3. Superinsulate your home. Set a long term goal that you will heat your home using the energy given off by your appliances and your own body heat, plus whatever sunlight comes in through your already existing windows.

    4. Plant shade. Plant deciduous trees on the south side of your house (in the Northern Hemisphere. Plant on the North side in the Southern Hemisphere.) Let them shade your house to help keep it cool in the summer, but then they drop their leaves in the winter to let the sun warm your home.

    4.a. Don’t want to wait for years to let trees grow big enough to shade your house? Want some shade now, while your trees are small and growing?
    Try a pergola. Plant pole beans, grapes, ivy. Heck, you can even plant tomatoes in upside down hanging planters. Shade your house, and get food for your troubles.

    5. Turn off your Air Conditioner entirely and leave it off. Make a bedroom in your basement where it is cool in the summer. Sleep upstairs in the winter. Spend your days at your job, volunteering for a charity, outside in your garden, at the library, at the pool.

    6. Build an outdoor kitchen. Why heat your house in the summer when cooking? Build a nice, fun, cookout/bbq with eating area outside. Worried about the bugs? Build a screen porch around it, or a screened gazebo. Build a first class outdoor kitchen, with cabinets and everything. Don’t use electricity, propane, or any other commercial energy source to cook in that kitchen. Cook using a solar oven that can be loaded with food in the morning, and while you spend your day working/playing your food gets cooked and is waiting for you in the evening. Build a rocket stove. Heck, you can even convert a gas stove to cook using biogas from a homemade digester. The options are numerous. Choose what you like best. Some outdoor kitchens appear palatial and luxurious. Make it an area you WANT to spend time in.

    7. Build a solar water heater.

    8. Build an outdoor solar shower and let the runoff water your garden. There is something wonderful about using an outdoor solar shower. If you build it properly, you’ll never need to worry about nosey neighbors because you will have installed appropriate privacy fences and walls.

    9. If you live in a climate that gets cold winters, build a heat pipe storage refrigerator. If not, convert an RV absorption chiller fridge into a solar/wood powered refrigerator.

    10. Once you have driven your electricity (and other energy source) consumption down to rock bottom, start looking into making your own electricity. Go completely off grid. Buy a few solar panels, batteries, and a charge controller. You don’t have to cut your grid tether cold turkey. Start small if you want to. Build a small system first and learn. The truth of the matter is that most new off-gridders tend to abuse their first set of batteries and damage their ability to store a charge. It seems to be a rite of passage. There is a learning curve. Starting small allows you to make mistakes and not have them be massively expensive ones. Once you have experience with a small solar system powering some functions of your home, expand it as needs and resources allow.

    11. Consider a wind generator.

    12. Add a backup generator to charge batteries when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

    These techniques are all proven technologies. They work, and they work well. Many of them are also great fun. All of them have been discussed previously on this blog.

    Doing these things is far more effective that standing around holding a sign yelling at idiot politicians. They are far more effective than supporting a political organization that just wants you to given them more of your money.

    Want to take back your power? It’s not only possible. It’s practical, smart, within your grasp, and will save you money. Take it a step at a time, and go completely off grid.

    You’ll be glad you did.

    I seriously doubt watching this movie will be very helpful. Your time will be much better spent looking through your house for devices to unplug and air leaks to seal. Spending 2 hours doing that can save the average American over $1000/year. No kidding.

    • I agree with everything you said except the last paragraph. There are definite benefits from watching this video. That’s why I posted it. For one, you may still have time to opt-out of the smart meters that are currently being installed across the US. (The rest of the world will get them shortly afterwards.) Some utilities do not have opt-out policies, some do. Being fully aware of the dangers and drawbacks of smart meters will most likely light a fire under you to take some sort of action, whether that means going off-grid or even moving to an area where homeowners can opt-out. In summary, knowledge is power. For me, I’ve known about the dangers of smart meters, GMOs, etc. for quite a while. But my conviction has grown much stronger over time as I’ve learned the full ramifications of what’s going on. If you hear something just one time, then you might not take action. Let’s face it, there are hazards in our environment almost everywhere. I can see why some people get overwhelmed and start to tune out these warnings.

      So… I highly encourage readers to watch all the videos. This is serious stuff! The danger is literally off the chart, and the level of corruption and lies is incredible. Please watch the videos and tell others about them. Email the link to this blog post to your friends. Plus, cut back on your energy use as Jay has carefully described. (Great list, by the way.)

      • Obviously, I disagree.

        Nothing personal toward you Owen, just disagreement on the value of the movie.

        Anybody that looks at their electric bill from a power company each month already knows more than enough. They know they’re getting screwed.

        Just cut the cord already. Sitting on your butt watching a political Libertarian clap trap movie just wastes time you could spend cutting your energy bill. Yes, I believe that the movie is mostly Political Propaganda. Spending the time unplugging and air sealing will be far more useful that watching political propaganda, whether you agree with the politics of the movie or not.

        If someone would rather watch the movie, be my guest. Sit on your butt and spend money on your energy bill while you do nothing. Sit around and wait for the politicians to save you. Maybe a politician will come to your house for a photo opportunity on the nightly news as he unplugs all of your appliances that are turned off and still drawing power.

        Don’t hold your breath for that to ever happen.

        • It seems you didn’t watch the videos, otherwise you’d likely understand what I’m describing has little to do with politics. The concerns of smart meters are higher cost, greater fire risk, and health dangers from EM fields. No one said anything about writing your congressman. I said to contact your power company and see if you can opt out. That’s taking direct positive action, not just sitting on your butt. Yes, you have to sit and watch the video and read, but that’s called learning. Learn the facts so you can make more informed decisions.

          And as I explained before, cut your power usage as well.

          • I watched the trailer for the movie you posted. I clicked your links.

            It seems clear that it contains 1% useful information, and 99% politics. Pretty much like most political screaming. (No, I didn’t actually do a scientific measurement.)

            I don’t care whether it’s Republican claptrap, Democrat claptrap, Libertarian claptrap, or any other political flavor. I tend to disregard the junk.

            Meters exploding and catching on fire is an important issue. Better to informed by an unbiased source, instead of a political one.

            I happen to think the “Smart Grid” is worthless. Always have.

            I also happen to think that the political propaganda getting created about it is more worthless than the grid. Too many opportunists jumping for their own selfish gain over the issue.

            Electrical Meter fires have been around for decades. There’s just nobody reporting about them. It’s just reported as an “Electrical Fire” lumped in with “bad wiring” can other non-descriptive media terms in the news. I’m not at all surprised that Smart Meters catch fire or explode.

            This is just another opportunity for political organizations to gin up anger and collect donations. “WE’RE HERE TO SAVE YOU.”


            They’re here to take more of our money.

            Like I said. Spend your time unplugging your appliances that are not being used and sealing air leaks instead of watching the full movie. Work to disconnect completely. Work to learn minimize your own energy consumption and understand how to make your own power safely. You’ll be far better off.

            You might even have fun.

            Sure is a lot better than getting angry at people ripping you off and political organizations begging for money to save you from something you’d be better off saving yourself from.

      • Changing the subject away from the politics… and to more practical concerns…

        A thought occurs to me.

        I can’t recall ever reading a detailed description about the BEST way to plant trees to shade a house.

        Oh sure, I’ve seen countless recommendations to plant deciduous trees on the sunny side of a house, but that’s about it. No real thought about it. No real technical planning.

        I have never seen a real detailed plan where Architects and Landscapers use science to figure out the OPTIMAL configuration.

        Seems to me that if one were to calculate the correct Sun angles to shade a structure, and also to calculate the expected height of various species of tree, one should be able to optimize the plan. Using science, and a little simple geometry, one should be able to calculate the perfect height of tree, and the perfect distance from the house to plant it.

        You don’t want to plant too close to the structure such that roots will get into the foundation, or the sun will get under the tree to heat the house. You don’t want to get too far away, such that the summer sun will shine over the tree and still hit the roof of the house.

        Yeah, most people can probably get reasonable shade just by guessing.

        However, it might be very useful to describe exactly how a DIYer can calculate for themselves how to optimize it. How to calculate the perfect size of tree, and the perfect planting distance from the house for maximum Summer shade.

        I can’t recall ever seeing that level of detail before.


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