Take it to Zero Logo Design Contest

Take it to Zero logo -- reduce the cost of world changing ideas to zero.
Take it to Zero logo — reduce the cost of world changing ideas to zero.

The Take it to Zero project is moving along rapidly. It was first proposed about two weeks ago on March 28. A few days later volunteer work started on the MyBB forum. The forum will be the main gathering point for people to collaborate on projects. A reader is creating the forum and hosting it for free. Thank you Mike!

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Volunteer MyBB Forum Administrator Wanted

Here’s the latest on the Take it to Zero idea from yesterday’s blog post:

I see now that an online forum will naturally create self organizing teams of volunteers. People choose a topic they’re interested in and converse with others on the forum who are also interested in the same thing. Brainstorming and networking with others should lead to lots of good ideas and spontaneous/grassroots growth. So a free forum seems like a perfect solution for this project.

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Take it to Zero

Announcing the all new Take it to Zero initiative that’s starting right now!

Take it to Zero is a grassroots movement to make world changing ideas available for free on a massive scale. There are thousands of amazing world changing ideas, but all too often these ideas suffer from obscurity, lack of funding, or fail to materialize due to some weakness in our economic system. These things hinder their rapid, wide scale proliferation. Take it to Zero is a movement of dedicated volunteers that aims to overcome these barriers and help bring incredible ideas into fruition.

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Families Who Change the World Documentary

Wow, I love hearing about fascinating projects like this.

“Kind Natural Houses,

We are Lucio and Anna, and along with our daughter Gaia we have started a documentary project that I hope you will enjoy…We are your followers, and I believe that this could touch issues that you care about…in our documentary we will discover (and hosted by) families living a new way of life…a sustainable way of life…a life through barter.

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