Tamera Community in Portugal

Another excellent video by John D. Lui, the journalist who covered the restoration project on the Loess Plateau in China.

“The example of Tamera shows how a decentralized and natural water retention landscape can heal a disturbed landscape and create the prerequisites for modern subsistence.

Water is life. Water is information. If the large water cycle of a landscape is intact, then the land, nature, the economy and the people are flourishing. Desertification, floods, the rising sea level, forest fires and droughts are not fate but the result of a disturbed hydrologic balance.

Nowadays water is dammed, deviated, privatized and turned into a commodity. One billion people on the planet are without access to clean drinking water, while others are following their profit motive. It is in our hands to change this.

The large water cycles can be restored, even in extremely damaged landscapes. All around the world, people are working on solutions for the global water crisis. They are protecting rivers, lakes and wells. While applying different methods, they are following the same principle: collecting and decelerating rain water where it falls on the earth. In this way, the earth’s body can absorb the rain water, the groundwater level rises and the land can become fertile again.”


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