Aliner Pop-up Campers

In the early 1970s, Ralph Tait had an idea. So he went into his garage in Bend, Oregon and began tinkering. Several weeks and a few blisters later, he emerged with a revolutionary design for the first A-frame pop-up camper.

It was sensible. It was different. And it was light enough to be towed with just about any vehicle. Friends wanted one. Family wanted one. Friends of family wanted one. As word of mouth spread, Ralph found himself making more campers out of his garage. That’s when Ralph’s sons had their own bright idea. Why not turn this hobby into a real business?

The family moved to Pennsylvania and began making Aliner campers. Two brothers would build one. The third brother would hitch it to the family station wagon and drive across the country until he sold it. When he returned, the brothers would have another Aliner waiting. After years of hard work and several hundred thousand miles on the poor station wagon, the family retired in 2007. Today we continue to build every Aliner with the same quality, craftsmanship and pride as Ralph and his sons did for over 30 years.
Set up and tear down of an Aliner travel trailer in less than 2 minutes

Tour of inside of an Aliner

Stealth camping in Aliners

Search YouTube to find many more related videos. Slim Potatohead, for example, has some interesting videos on low cost easy upgrades for Aliner campers.

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  1. These campers are very efficient. They’re easy to tow because of their low profile on the highway, but they can be popped up into position very quickly.

    Kelly just sent me this email:
    A friend from Crestone visited us about a month ago with one of these A-liner trailers and set it up in our back yard. He had made a number of improvements including better insulation, solar electric and he even had lowered the floor about 6″ because he is quite tall and needed the extra space. He was even thinking of approaching the company to see if they might be interested in some of his improvements.


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