The Farm of the Future

Prototyping the First 100% Off-The-Grid, Affordable, Low-Maintenance Greenhouse using Earthship Principles and Aquaponics.

We have finished construction on the greenhouse structure! Now we are working on making the greenhouse beautiful and alive with decorations, plants, and the aquaponics system. Thanks to your help and support, we have built one of the first Earthships in Quebec, setting precedent for many more to come.

We are also thankful for the fantastic volunteers who came and helped us make the greenhouse a reality! For two whole weeks, we had a core group of 10 hard-working builders work, eat, and hang out with us. They all had diverse career backgrounds and varying interests, but all were focused on completing the greenhouse. We couldn’t have asked for better volunteers! Then on the weekends, we had up to 40 people working on the greenhouse EACH day! There were a lot of tires pounded and bellies to fill and everyone did their part to make it all come together.

We made a DVD and E Book detailing the exact steps and Measurements
SEE THEM HERE: Greenhouse of the Future

Note: I read where five more of these greenhouses have been built in the area. Seems like they’re very energy efficient. As I keep saying though, I’d use earthbags instead of tires. If you’re not convinced, just do a small test to compare what’s faster and easier. Ramming tires is WAY slower and harder than doing earthbags. So anyway, the ebook, plans and DVD still sound interesting. These materials should provide enough building details where you could adapt the design to earthbags if you know earthbag building basics. One possibility that pops in mind is turning the greenhouse into a small home by sectioning off a living space and adding a heater and insulating shutters over the glass at night.

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    • I hope someone buys their book and plans, builds the greenhouse with earthbags and reports their experience in detail on a blog or Instructable so others can benefit. Greenhouses are so practical, and this one is fairly small and affordable, so it shouldn’t be too long before someone builds it with bags.


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