The Planet Fixer Digest

'The Man Who Stopped The Desert' trailer from 1080 Film & TV on Vimeo.

Hi to all of you, Planet Lovers!

Just wanted you to know that there is such a site that collects right-now solutions from around the world to fix, heal and improve our Planet Earth!

Here is the link: The Planet Fixer Digest

As the editor, I invite anybody that would like to contribute either by:
1) becoming a “collector” of eco-friendly solutions, like an eco-investigator: find a solution…you email it to me!
2) becoming an active writer for The Planet Fixer Digest
3) or simply by making a contribution

It is a 100% NON profit site, one person operated site…for now!

I have many solutions sleeping in my files ready to be posted and share with the world. It is just a matter of finding the time. Any help to publish them would be more than welcome!
Our Mother Earth would really appreciate it!

Roger Pilon, Editor

The Planet Fixer Digest
Winner of 7 international film awards, The Man Who Stopped the Desert is a one hour feature doc telling the story of Yacouba Sawadogo, an African peasant farmer who has pioneered a technique that reverses the process of desertification. Made by Mark Dodd, 1080 Films.
Fight Desertification – Dig Holes in the Desert

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