Earthbag School in Goldhunga, Nepal — 8 Comments

  1. Comment from Alice: The cost was 5000 USD. But as some noticed, the bags are half filled, causing major increase in the price.

    Owen: Costs vary considerably from area to area. I’ve heard prices in Nepal have skyrocketed since the quake. The same building could probably be built at half cost in other places. So make a spreadsheet using local costs if you want to know what the building will cost where you live.

    My YouTube videos show how to fill bags to maximum capacity to keep costs down. Note how the unknown strength of recycled bags creates risk. (Were the bags stored out of the sun for the entire time? Are all of the bags of high quality?) In earthquake zones, obviously you want the bags to be as strong as possible. Building with tubes may be the most practical option since tubing is readily available and much faster than building with bags. And using new materials helps assure a high level of strength. I say this because people in Nepal are telling me on some projects you can easily push your finger through the bags! Bags like this should not be used!!!!!

    • I would like to visit the place, can I please get contact number or anything so that I can contact to find location. I am near Goldhunga in Puranoguheswori though.

      • It’s only 100 meters or so below the highway to the ashram. As you’re going up the mountain look down and to your right. It’s on a big curve. It’s a distinctive multi-colored building all by itself. There’s a place you can pull over and a trail down to the building. You can also take the dirt road below but it’s terribly bumpy and not recommended.

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