Things You Can Build with Earthbags

Most people think of houses when they first learn about building with earthbags, but as you can see from the following list there are many other practical uses. Please send us suggestions if you think of more applications.

Houses, shops, schools, clinics, garages, pantries, rootcellars, domes, vaults, roundhouses, privacy walls, retaining walls, benches, planters, greenhouses, pump houses, ice houses, dikes, erosion control terraces, cisterns, castles, towers, fortified walls, earthquake and hurricane resistant structures, pools and ponds, survival shelters, foundations, platforms for yurts, animal pens, storage sheds, dog houses…

4 thoughts on “Things You Can Build with Earthbags”

  1. I would love to see some photos of earthbag built greenhouses, planters, erosion control terraces, pools and ponds. where can I get more info?

    I am building 3 120 square foot earth bag structures. Once done I will want a greenhouse, a few planters, and some erosion control. any info would be great.

    • You can see everything here on this blog and our other site at Use the built-in search engines. One drawback is things are more difficult to find because we have so many blog posts. Try different search terms and keep looking. The Projects page at is the main gallery page. The Video page has all the best videos, etc.


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