Earthbag in South Korea

I’ve just discovered about three dozen earthbag videos on YouTube from South Korea. That’s all I know at this time. Maybe someone can help translate. (It’s fun watching even if you don’t understand what they’re saying. I fast forward through the parts where there’s lots of talking.)

Source: 1mandocu’s Channel

2 thoughts on “Earthbag in South Korea”

  1. Sounds like a little bit of a project, but my “wife” is Korean so I’ll ask when she gets home. Might peak her interest a little more. On Jeju (spelled many different ways) Island, off the coast, there is a village that has been there for hundreds of years. The buildings are of a clay/straw mix with wide , overhanging , grass type roofs. There is a LOT of rain, but these structures have been doin the deal for all those years.

    • That would be great if she could help, thanks. Maybe pick out 1-2 of the best videos.

      Straw/clay was the traditional building material in Taiwan and I think it was used in Japan, too. Straw/clay has held up for centuries in Germany, where it meets code.


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