Tiny House Ecovillage in a Fruit Orchard — 10 Comments

    • That’s my #1 or #2 favorite place in the world! My face was practically pressed against the window as we drove through. It’s super, super beautiful. And I had a great time during my short stay in Vancouver. I still fondly remember the lochs, fresh baked bagels and (herb?) creme cheese.

  1. Somewhat off topic for this particular blog post…

    Here is a heads up about a documentary video for Owen’s, Kelly’s, and others’ enjoyment.

    The Hakka Earth Buildings of Fujian Province, China.

    For some strange reason the video runs for the first 12 minutes or so, then starts over and reruns the first 12 minutes, then continues on. Additionally, the audio gets significantly out of sync with the video. Feel free to skip the part that gets repeated.

    If you can ignore the problems with the large video file, and focus on the buildings, It’s a fascinating story of earthen buildings in China, as well as the people who built them going back several hundreds of years.

  2. Owen, a similar idea has been sitting on my mind for the last year. I see a group of nomads purchasing land via land trust around the country where they would set-up small holding type permaculture farms and a “plugin” setup for tiny homes. We’d cruise from one place to another every so often. Many of us are nomads at heart and want to explore the world. I don’t think we would burn too much gas travelling because we would move only once in a while…hey and maybe we could make our tow vehicles bio-diesel driven.

    • Good idea. Another alternative is to stay in campgrounds. Some have septic, water, electric, Internet, showers, swimming pools, trees to park your RV, tiny home or van. I know of one company with dozens of campgrounds like this and yearly discounts to members. This cuts the cost to about $5/day. I can track down the company if anyone is interested.

      I like reading the Mobile Kodgers site:

      • Are you thinking of Escapees? I belonged to them for quite a while, though I didn’t have an RV – they have an excellent mail forwarding service, and I travel for work. Still intend to get a van camper and sign up with them again.

        I have thought of this kind of idea, too. This concept floated around a yahoo list I’m on earlier this year (mostly nomads) and I really like it. I had kind of given up my “20 acres and a fort” idea after a health scare in October, but I still really want a farm… Maybe an ecovillage is right for me after all. I could still have the fort in the center – just have villagers around it. :-)

    • It’s just a story I made up to get people thinking about different possibilities. The link at the bottom allows you to search for real ecovillages.

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