Tiny House Video Explains Why Codes and Zoning Regulations are a Scam — 4 Comments

  1. I appreciate the information in this video along with the perspective offered. I am in the early stages of learning about natural building. The biggest obstacle appears to be dealing with the system that has developed from these building codes. I have enjoyed pursuing knowledge about earthbag, cob & straw bale building. I get excited at the thought of doing that for myself and my family, but these – what seem to originally be well intentioned – codes sure are an apparent obstacle. I have read other website where experienced builders speak of paying many thousands of dollars to deal with multiple inspectors and/or structural engineers. I think I’m preparing for the reality that my young family does not have many options concerning natural building while we want to be involved with so much of our current-day activities and communities – homeschooling, church, etc. Thank you for sharing this video, Owen! I’m eating up the information!!

    • The codes were not well intentioned. The brick, steel, concrete and timber industries wrote the codes to favor themselves by creating a ‘barrier to entry’ for competing products.

      I suggest building post and beam with strawbale infill. Follow the advice on this blog post and you’ll likely sail through the permit process because strawbale has been ‘normalized’ due to the standardized components.

      • I will certainly review that info and put together some rough cost estimates. I am grateful for your response.

  2. Where are people supposed to live in cities? I think they expect everyone will live in tiny $1,500/month apartments.

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