Tucson Tortolita Eco Village

Tucson Tortolita Eco Village
Tucson Tortolita Eco Village

“As a Conservation & Educational Non Profit, it is our job, our pleasure, and our way of life to support a New Vision for living, surviving, and thriving in the new world that is fast shaping itself around us all. Southeast Arizona is truly one of the most fabulous places to live on this planet, though like everywhere else we have our own unique issues and problems. It is solving for those problems that our “beyond sustainable” community formed.

No one knows what the future actually holds, but it has become obvious to many that there may be a train wreck in our near future. Oh, it may not be an end of the world scenario, but it is certain to be an end of the world as we know it. Still, why not hedge your bets both ways, by preparing for solvable problems and living life to its fullest no matter what the outcome. Invest in the process rather than the outcome.

We have completed the search for a location for our village in the Tucson / Tortolita area. We thought we had found the right spot last year, but apparently the Universe disagreed with us. A new more central location has been found and is now in escrow! Lot plans will be made available shortly and we are excited in the new possibilities.

We have become almost completely dependent on assumptions that plenty of oil, clean water, good weather, stable political systems, continued consumption growth and abundant cheap food will always be available to us. But clearly that is no longer the case. There is no more sustainability for any of these critical commodities or processes. It is not even worth arguing with the doubters and the ostriches on this subject, so you will not find any of that here.

We focus on the positive while knowing there is a negative. Instead you will learn about our approach to all these problems with the techniques of “beyond sustainability.” This means that rather than being a purist on any point we are going to look at the practical approach behind the ideal. For example, it doesn’t make sense to stop using gasoline and oil completely.

But it does make a lot of sense to stop depending on a lifestyle based on them, and assuming they will always be available, practical, and cheap enough to base our former lifestyle on. The same assumptions about the availability of water, healthy food, cheap and abundant energy, practical housing, and so on must be examined.

We call this concept “intentional community.” That is what we will be building at the TTEV Eco Village, with a purpose and the intent to survive whatever comes with style and humor. We also call this “Sustainable Survivability,” and we are serious about it. And yes we have a plan and are in the process of implementing it right now. Even if nothing bad happens in our future, it is still the best way to live out this wonderful game of life, which we all find ourselves engaged in. The world needs sustainable practices in all areas of life and living. It is just about us. It really is a community engaged in living a meaningful life.

Will be building flexible formed rammed earth homes from 400 to 1600 sq feet using different designs from Owen Geiger, CalEarth, etc. Looking for interested people with either “experience” or volunteers to help. Likely start date of first construction Jan. 2013 (assuming most of us are still here ;).”

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