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  1. You know….I am surprised that more people didn’t respond to this post. I guess people have grown tired of the beauty of the Shire and the homes of the Hobbits. Tolkien was a genius and so is Peter Jackson. And, all the people at WETA are true craftsman. Visionaries.

  2. A geeky little thing that LOTR fans can’t help but adore! This type of home would definitely be cozy during cold seasons. It doesn’t even need gutters or gutter guards since it has earth for roof, so water from above get soaked up by the soil. It won’t be able to harm the structure. Rather, it could make for a cooler interior when the earth gets damp.

  3. Yes that’s what my intentions are. Thanks for the suggestion of finding post and rustic beams. I had thought of using new wood that was given an antique look. Most of the wood work would be for looks only and not be for support. The bags, mud and rebar would do that. What I might do is set out on a day (or two) trip scouring the country side looking for things on farmers land. It surprising of all the abandoned pieces of interest laying out in a field. Then once you may contact with the owner and share your story they may have something in a barn or shed that they might want to be rid of or sell cheaply. Again, “Thanks” for the suggestion.

  4. Well that may be true but, what I was referring to was the wood work on the interior. The rest will be done with the bags, scoria, mortar mix, concrete, slab grade wire, mesh wire and rebar for the roof and shaping parts of the interior walls plus reinforcing the walls. Then there’s the band saw and sander work. There’s many steps to this project but, it definitely won’t be timber frame construction but, of course you knew that. Hahaha. If I’ve left something out here, trust me….I won’t forget it when the mud starts flying.

    • Are you going to recreate all the posts and beams? If so, then you should plan on how to incorporate them into the structure. You can still put earthbags and ferrocement on the outside as discussed previously.

      I would start hunting down rustic timbers and thinking through how to use these in the design.

  5. My thanks for posting this. This IS the site for Hobbit home lovers. I’m thankful that I live during the time of Peter Jackson and the special effects company Weta. The artistry and scope of his movies are unbelievable. The Hobbit home I’m building is based on the drawing of the whole Hobbit home that’s not seen in the movies but, is sold directly from Weta. My plan is to duplicate the interior as close as possible to what seen in the movies. The rest that’s not seen will be by inspiration. I’ll do my best to let Tolkien be my guide. He’s one person I would have loved to have met and had tea with. Long conversations would have been great. I would love to have picked his brain. Artist are inspired. Where does that inspiration come from. Alternate reality? Perhaps.

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