Turtle Island Preserve VICTORY — 3 Comments

  1. Great news!!!!!

    Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

    Perhaps they might hold an education camp about the politics of building codes, and how to create change. More people need to be able to build their own shelter on their own land without unreasonable government interference.

    Not just a bitc*ing and complaining group about the current corrupt system… but a real education about how to convince local governments to allow DIY and Natural building without forcing unnecessary and unwanted expenses. Learn how to build smart, efficient, and clean structures that don’t pollute the land, air, or water, or the neighbors’ land, air, or water. Learn how to convince mindless local government corporate lemmings the advantages of helping their own local communities and local economy by not only allowing building with local resources, but encouraging it.

    How many local communities’ economy gets bled dry by citizens spending money on countless commercial products shipped in from across the country, or around the world when better Natural options exist right there inside their own community already. How many local economies are bled dry by money going to pay for fruits and vegetables shipped from overseas instead of growing them locally?

    Time for an education program among those who care to teach local politicians how adopting the International Building Codes harms the local community so rich corporations in some far away land that don’t even pay local taxes or vote in local elections can reap big profits.

  2. Victory at last. Now it’s time to hold the scumbag bureaucrats who caused all this mess accountable. They sit in their ivory towers and pass decrees that bankrupt people’s lives. Get rid of them!

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