Universidad de la Tierra (The Earth University)

Universidad de la Tierra (The Earth University)
Universidad de la Tierra (The Earth University)

“Can you imagine: a university that has no pre-requisites? An educational center where you don’t take tests or fill out paperwork, and it doesn’t cost a dime? A place that offers the same scholastic opportunities for indigenous, mestizos, and foreigners? A school where you learn by doing exactly what you want to?

Inside of an educational system based on titles and obligations, norms and standardization, it’s almost impossible to imagine, but not inside of the ‘free’ structure of Uni-Tierra in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca.

There’s no roll-call, no evaluations, required notes, no rules about time frames, but there is knowledge, there is growth, there is work experience, and there is space to explore and create the activities that each person is interested in. What’s important is to have the space, and the freedom to practice, to have ideas, to be creative and learn by doing. Learning speeds, research styles, and the level of involvement are entirely defined by the student, with the guidance of someone who works in their focus area. A guide can come from an NGO, a private practice, a community center, etc.”

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  1. I like the concept. When we’re young our parents always want us to become doctors and lawyers etc. You know what I mean. My concept has always been……Do what you like and you’ll like what you do. Meaning, we have to decide what that is and go after it regardless of what others may want us to do. Building a safe, good society starts with our immediate area. I appreciate what they’re doing. I wish them all the luck they can handle.


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