Unlimited Roundhouse Possibilities — 2 Comments

  1. As a daily follower of this site, I’ve noticed a couple of things that differ in this idea from what I’ll call the standard earthbag technique I’ve often seen you mention.

    1. I didn’t see anything about the rubble trench, just wondering if there are some instances in which this is not gospel— Hard, compacted clay soil or a dry/non seismic area perhaps? – Assuming the build site slopes away from the house, and the roof overhang is sufficient…

    2. In most of my research, and in your book – the standard 18×30 poly bags are doubled up and used for the gravel courses. I have often wondered if the strength of the mesh tubes is sufficient to deal with the stress of the gravel being tamped. If so – what a breakthrough that is, seeing as so much time can be saved, as well as bag material. I remember seeing your video on the mesh bags – you called it the hot new development in earthbag building.

    Really good post.

    • Rubble trenches could possibly be omitted in this case since the walls are super lightweight. The loads are carried by the posts. Use wide roof overhangs or wrap-around porches to keep water well away from the building. Build on high ground so water drains away from the building in all directions.

      There will be less weight on the gravel bags and so they don’t need double bagging. Raschel mesh bags should work with gravel although I haven’t tried it.

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