Vanuatu Earthbag Update Aug 12, 2013 — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Owen,
    My appreciation for your engagement and these fantastic ideas.
    I have installed large food steamers in Vanuatu at my own cost, which would really make sense on the roof of these buildings. The advantage is that this system is producing steam at low pressure which is safe to use.

    The application is convenient because the solar collector can be placed safely on the roof and the steam can be run in a hose or pipe inside the building where it can be used to steam food.

    As essentially all food in Vanuatu is cooked or steamed there are no cultural hurdles to be overcome to use this technology. And it saves a lot of firewood!

    Drop me an email, if you are interested.

  2. Liz,

    We’re a 501 c3 interested in “solution” technology on all levels in the usa (small letters as we’ve lost our way as a country). Send me an email and brief me on your goals, intention and experience if you like. what you described is the way to go to bring this technology on line. You have to have interested people, funding, and a need to fill. Solutions are kept off line as they don’t keep one on the grid and producing profit for the power elite…


    • Thanks for writing Jim. I just sent Liz your message and email address.

      From the MERC website: (Marine Environmental Research Corporation)
      “We feel that Economic Self-Empowerment of the Nonprofit Sector is Key to Planetary Improvement as a means of providing solutions to problems of mutual concern.”

  3. Hats off to this determined and visionary woman and her supportive husband! They ARE delivering on making the world a better place. For long term community acceptance, using earthbag housing with employed people, thus keeping it from the reputation of being the “poor people’s housing” seems wise. If beautiful dreams do not accommodate the existing political reality, they usually fail. Build from he earth for a better life. Very empowering!

  4. We’re back. We moved to a new server (again). Blah. Publishing this blog post took 5-10 times longer than usual. No service has come close to WordPress servers.

    Another report from Liz coming soon with a photo of their burlapcrete roof.

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