Vetiver/Lime and Vetiver/Clay — 15 Comments

  1. The leaves of the vetiver has no smell. But the roots has a very good strong smell. Will it be as good to use the roots with the clay insted/addition to leaves?
    If so is it the same ratio, same lengh, same isolation results?

  2. Hi friends this is dilip from south india. i have read your article on using Vetiver for construction. i was really excited to know about this method & im very muche interested in knowing more about alternative ways of construction with less/no pollution & wastes using Eco products. recently i have came by a post, using water hyacinth to make bricks. are there any ideas to make Compressed bricks using Clay, Paddy straw, vetiver, Water hyacinth, Husk. please let me know here or through mail (

    • Lots of people are making bricks/blocks with natural materials like these. The basic principle is clay is the binder and the plant material is the fiber. Coconut husk is a good fiber. Sometimes lime and other materials are added. Sometimes they’re compressed. People have been doing this for thousands of years. There’s not too much detailed information. You’ll have to experiment with your local materials to see what works best. This is fun to do.

  3. Better stick with vetiver, or “elephant grass”. Maybe “Johnson Grass” in the U.S. Pine straw or rice straw might work. Don’t purchase the materials. Almost every region has its own version of a tough, springy, material. Buying imported materials is almost as bad as buying manufactured materials and negates your whole purpose.

  4. Hey guys,

    Just a quick question for you about this process, could grass clipings 4″ to 8″ long from mowing your lawn be used as a substitute for the vetiver? I’m thinking that grass clipings are very abundant and a cheaper option to buying vetiver grass. Perhaps, a person can mow his own lawn for the building materials of their future home.

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