Visualizing Your Design — 2 Comments

  1. Hey there Owen, I see you are enjoying your CAD software, which makes for nice viewing and explanations. I built this website to gather people in a NationWide Yellow Pages of Who’s Who in Natural Building and its just sitting there, so if you know of people who would like to be on it (or share it) its there for those who need it.

    I am starting my first house project and are looking for cheap land (location, location, location) and a simple house design that can be built upon later. I want to stay away from straw bale, for now, ….earth bag, adobe brick, nubian vault….to save on expenses. Any house plans you might suggest will be taken into serious consideration. I like that your plans have one wet wall, but I have two females to consider and so need a 2 bathroom design.

    • Hello. Nice site. Hope you get lots of people to sign on. You can add my name after it’s filled up more.

      Email me from my About Us page and we can talk more about house designs. Be as specific as you can and keep in mind that many designs can be added on to or clustered. (See Clustered Designs.)

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