Volunteer MyBB Forum Administrator Wanted

Here’s the latest on the Take it to Zero idea from yesterday’s blog post:

I see now that an online forum will naturally create self organizing teams of volunteers. People choose a topic they’re interested in and converse with others on the forum who are also interested in the same thing. Brainstorming and networking with others should lead to lots of good ideas and spontaneous/grassroots growth. So a free forum seems like a perfect solution for this project.

MyBB forum software seems like a good choice because it’s free and very user friendly. I’d like to start a forum for Take it to Zero if I can enlist a volunteer administrator to set up the forum and help troubleshoot issues that crop up. Please email me if you’d like to volunteer for this. My address is at the top of the page under About Us.

I’ve been thinking more about Maggi’s comment from yesterday and how to spread rice hull bag building. Let’s assume the forum is set up. Let’s use rice hull building as an example of how the forum would facilitate Take it Zero projects.

People with similar interests could join in the online conversation. They might decide to make a simple PDF building guide to clarify the building process. Right now most of the information is on Maggi’s bed and breakfast site, but a PDF with clear instructions would be helpful. That way people could download and print the instructions.

Someone might volunteer to do the drawings. Maggi could add her latest, new and improved rice hull bag building ideas. Kelly has already expressed interest in using this idea in a new book. The finished PDF could be available from the forum and from Maggi’s website.

Later the same team could put the instructions on Instructables.com to help spread the concept. Before long numerous blogs and websites would pick up the story. Some NGOs might start using this method. In one year there could be hundreds or even thousands of additional people building with rice hull bags. Maggi offers training in northern Thailand and some of them could attend her workshops and help build her bed and breakfast structures.

The next step might be making videos of the process and starting a YouTube channel. There’s already growing interest in building with rice hulls. There’s a young WWOOFer couple not far from my house who’s building a tiny house this way. The story is almost done. I”m just waiting on a better photo, so watch for that in a few days. The blog post would broadcast the message to a wider audience. Eventually you might attract a professional film crew to do a documentary. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Owen, I love what you have been doing and I like your goals. I have skills in the area you are looking and I would be willing to help out. You can contact me and we can discuss more details via email if you like.


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