Wegain Zone: Kathmandu Earthbag Workshop

Kathmandu, Nepal earthbag workshop poster
Kathmandu, Nepal earthbag workshop poster

Wegain zone is vegan and no smoking non profit zone with five different organisations in the zone in houses built with earth friendly style. We have two rooms built out of mudbricks, three out of bottle and mud, one out of earthbag and now we want to build a dome out of earthbags. The main focus of this zone is to show documentaries. We have an indoor and outdoor theatre and common space for anyone who wants to share their knowledge and organise workshop for free.

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3 thoughts on “Wegain Zone: Kathmandu Earthbag Workshop”

  1. Dear Owen,

    It is great to hear about the wonderful work you have been doing in Nepal. I am a pioneer for One Community. We are creating an open source and free-shared model sustainable teacher/demonstration village to benefit the entire human organism.

    I am currently working on our Earthbag Village, which is why it would benefit our work immensely if I could receive help with the following; What type of bags will you be using? If you are buying wholesale, could you send me a link to your supplier?

    I appreciate any information you can give me.

    Kind Regards,

    Mijenou Tromp

  2. I had to Google it LOL

    Nepal is, apparently, right above India :


    I’d love to go there but I can’t imagine coming up with enough money to fly from New England to Napal LOL

    If nothing else this was a great geography lesson for me :)

    Rock on Owen !
    Craig (still stuck in Maine)

    • Nepal gives me a good vibe for some reason. That’s the impression I get from reading and watching videos about Nepal. Then again I’m from Colorado and so all the mountains are a natural draw.


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