Wegain Zone: Kathmandu Earthbag Workshop — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Owen,

    It is great to hear about the wonderful work you have been doing in Nepal. I am a pioneer for One Community. We are creating an open source and free-shared model sustainable teacher/demonstration village to benefit the entire human organism.

    I am currently working on our Earthbag Village, which is why it would benefit our work immensely if I could receive help with the following; What type of bags will you be using? If you are buying wholesale, could you send me a link to your supplier?

    I appreciate any information you can give me.

    Kind Regards,

    Mijenou Tromp

  2. I had to Google it LOL

    Nepal is, apparently, right above India :

    I’d love to go there but I can’t imagine coming up with enough money to fly from New England to Napal LOL

    If nothing else this was a great geography lesson for me :)

    Rock on Owen !
    Craig (still stuck in Maine)

    • Nepal gives me a good vibe for some reason. That’s the impression I get from reading and watching videos about Nepal. Then again I’m from Colorado and so all the mountains are a natural draw.

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