Modular Solar Domes — 6 Comments

  1. Hi I’m interested in your scoria filled eRhbag tube idea. How many tones of scoria would you need for a 2bedrom earthbag done? What would the cost be? Natasha

    • I built my two bedroom earthbag dome home around the turn of the century with about 50 tons of scoria, which cost about $4500 delivered. Scoria is not available everywhere, and the delivery charge was a large part of the cost. is the company I used.

  2. Another Great design Owen! The only thing I would add is an observation deck on one of the domes like your Tower House design.

    • Thanks. I thought of something similar this morning for rainy climates where domes are not practical. You could attach roof poles right below the skylights and to cover an elevated deck. Not sure if this is what you’re describing, but it’s one interesting option. This way you could walk out of the loft right onto the deck.

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