Windmill Driven Compressed Air

Windmills can power all sorts of equipment with compressed air.
Windmills can power all sorts of equipment with compressed air.

I was reading about water powered air compressor systems called trompes that were used for hundreds of years for furnaces, mines, air conditioning and ice production. Even compressed air cars were available at one point. Trompes can work great if you have a steep drop in elevation and an adequate water source. What may work best for most people though is wind driven compressed air.

“Compressed air is produced [by a windmill] and stored in large air tanks, which many of the Amish convert use 1000 gal propane tanks. Tanks can also be used in tandem for additional storage capacity.

The Wind Compressor will generate compressed air in winds as low as 8 MPH! Since the Amish use off-grid alternative energy, air power has become a sustainable source to run woodworking shop and farm power tools. Air powered kitchen appliances, fans, washing machine motors and even sewing machine motors are used by the Amish. Air powered motors provide more torque than a DC battery powered motor and if taken care of by keeping them oiled and free of condensed water, they likely will outlast both DC and AC motors dependent on an armature and brushes.”

More at the source: Cottage Craft Works
Another brand at Wind (and image source)

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