Natural Building Blog 8th Year Anniversary

It’s that time of year again. We happy to announced our 8th year anniversary and now ranked #2 on Google. (Wiki is number one, ha ha.) We missed our anniversary last year, probably because I was traveling.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind readers to keep those project submissions rolling in. We love hearing about your earthbag and other natural building projects and hope you will continue sharing information with others. Be sure to document your project with lots of high resolution photos. Please take notes so you’ll have a record of expenses, how long it took, how many worker hours, new techniques, things you would do different next time, etc.

Here are the most popular blog posts from the last year in order of popularity:
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Sand Bag Fish Pond
Small Wood Stoves for Small Homes
Pallet Houses

Thanks again for visiting. Stay tuned for more great content.

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  1. Owen / Kelly

    Please consider fixing your FB link so it works and also fix it so that we can simply press FB link and it’ll transmit your daily posting to our FB accounts with the current picture of the topic of the day. That’ll help spread your collective good works with minimal effort once that’s done.



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